Megalithic Formations of Europe.

The Megaliths

Western Europe is scattered with ancient megalithic sites. Formations of huge stones built by humans thousands of years ago. The purpose of the formations vary, but very little is actually known about them or the people that built them.

Fascinated by stone circles, I've decided to gather together a gallery of images with some of the information science has been able to gather regarding Megaliths, with some of the stories, myths and legends that surround them.

I am currently trawling the web looking for interesting, relevant and well designed sites to link to.

These three sites have caught my attention:

    An interesting site - The International Institute of Astroarchaeology has been established in Ireland to promote awareness of the astronomical design of Irish megalithic monuments dating from the sixth to the third millennium BCE. It's a somewhat political site, with a campaign that seeks official recognition of the astronmical significance of sites particularly in the Boyne Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site and at Carrowmore in County Sligo.
    Dutch Dolmen site - or Hunnebedden as they're called. A great site that comprehensively covers many of the megalithic sites of the Netherlands with considerable material explaining the context and information available on what are considerably lesser known European sites.
    This site claims to be the first and most comprehensive online guide to European megaliths and other ancient sites. It certainly is extensive, and I've yet to discover all that it has to offer. Well worth a look.